Recent Burglaries – Message from SGT Stephen Fink

In the past week Towson Precinct Officers have taken five (5) reports of Residential Burglaries in the Pleasant Plains/Loch Raven Community. I am directing this email to all my Community Contacts along the Loch Raven corridor because this kind of Crime and information is beneficial to all. Please alert your neighbors of this information and to remain alert as to activities in your neighborhoods.
Areas that were victimized include: 1600 block Hardwick Rd, 7900 block Beverly Rd, 1300 and 1400 blocks of Putty Hill Ave and the 8500 block of Pleasant Plains Rd.
Two Burglaries we’ve positively determined to have occurred during the daylight hours but believe all five to have happened during the day. Entry in all cases was made via basement access. Three (3) were by breaking out a basement window and two (2) by breaking out the glass on the basement door. Once inside those responsible took computers, televisions, jewelry and in one incident a bottle of alcohol was taken which was then located in another burglarized residence.
Your assistance is needed to get the word out that these burglaries are happening, they’re occurring during the day and the subject/s are attacking basement windows to gain entry. If you or your neighbors hear glass breaking and/or see suspicious subjects in the area please call 9-1-1 immediately so our Officers can respond to the area to investigate and hopefully make apprehensions and recover property. Thus far our Detectives and Officers have not identified any Suspect information so anything that can be provided to us is greatly appreciated. Persons may contact the Precinct at 410-887-2361 with information and we’ll put them in contact with the Detectives. Again though for Suspicious Persons, Activities or Crimes call 9-1-1 immediately!
Thank You, Sgt Stephen Fink, 2815 PC06 COT