RFCOP is Neighbors helping Neighbors!

Ridgeleigh Citizens On Patrol (RCOP) is an all-volunteer organization comprised of your neighbors from right here in our community. The idea behind the website is to encourage a greater awareness in the community and bring people together.

Ridgeleigh is a neighborhood of over 1,100 town homes located in Parkville, Maryland between Loch Raven Boulevard, Putty Hill Avenue, Oakleigh Road, and Joppa Road.  We are a well established community of friendly neighbors with exceptional community spirit… The community of Ridgeleigh is a wonderful place to live. Some of our faces change, but the strength of our neighborhood endures!

In addition to comments, we need your help. This site will only work if we update it frequently and consistently. That means we need content. If you have news to share with the community, please don’t hesitate to share and photos are always welcome. We welcome and encourage any of our fellow Ridgeleigh residents to become volunteers!.

The existence of a C.O.P. program in a community shouldn’t make one believe that a community is crime ridden, it exists because the community wishes not to have crime to begin with! Who better knows our community than we do, thus the reason all volunteers are neighbors.

We hope this website will be a successful asset to the great work Ridgeleigh Community Citizens on Patrol can provide in our community now and further more.

The primary goal that RCOP aims for is to help reduce crime and educate our neighbors on crime prevention to better protect their Families, Homes and Property! 

We also assist the Baltimore County Police by being a presence and an extra set of Eyes and Ears for them. We are not Police Officers, we simply Observe and report suspicious activity and crime!  By keeping a sharp Eye out for Crime and other Safety Issues.

You can also reach us by sending a email to ridgeleighcop@hotmail.com,

Website: ridgeleighcop.wordpress.com


This is a community website.  If you have suggestions please leave a comment.

  1. I receive alarts but have no idea how to respond or add anything to Nextdoor Ridgeleigh. I enjoy receiving updates about what is going on in the neighborhood (good or bad) prefer the good – however lately it has all been bad unfortunately.

    Back in 2000 when I first purchased in the neighborhood I was a committee member with Lori Dickerson, and Karen Fitz.

    Want to know how to update and become more active with the Nextdoor Ridgeleigh alerts.

    Thanks in advance.

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