Volunteer for RCOP!

If you live in the Ridgeleigh and care about your community, that is the perfect reason to Volunteer, all neighbors are welcome!

Is being a C.O.P. Volunteer safe? Absolutely! We never confront a situation, we only observe and report Crime! If our volunteers are in a possibly compromising situation, they are to retreat to a safe distance (or remove themselves from the area completely) until Police arrive. Our Volunteers are absolutely prohibited from carrying and or using weapons by law and our policy. Additionally, we have great support and superb response from the County Police when we call them.

The reason our Volunteers are with C.O.P. is for the well being and security of our Children, Families, Homes! We also have a core belief that our neighbors are our extended Family too. We are always welcoming new Volunteers! Anyone age 18 and up may serve as a C.O.P volunteer

C.O.P. Volunteers may give as much or as little time as they are able to provide. For Volunteers who are driving, fuel costs and mileage may be Tax deductible!

Volunteers may drive their cars, ride bikes or walk. Roller Blades or Skateboards are great ways to patrol as well!

We do ask that you initially give about 1 hour for training provided by one of our volunteers who will answer any questions that you may have. Additionally, Baltimore County Police Community Outreach offers an informal 1 hour orientation which we encourage as well. When you start patrolling, you can buddy up with a spouse or any other C.O.P. Volunteer as you wish. We do ask that patrols be conducted at least in pairs, but Solo patrols are acceptable.

Tools of our trade: At the very minimum, a Cell Phone is needed for communications. At night, a Flashlight would be most helpful. For Volunteers riding Bikes at night, Headlights and Tail Lights are required and Helmets are always encouraged regardless of when you ride!


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